This Lakers-Pacers trade would send Myles Turner to L.A.

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It feels abnormal to say that a team that features LeBron James will get a head start on the NBA offseason. The Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs on Thursday, making it the first time that LeBron was ousted in the first round in his career. For the Lakers, Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss understand that the personnel surrounding James and Anthony Davis need to be improved this offseason.

Los Angeles could be active on the trade market, and the Indiana Pacers are a team that has a few pieces they could be interested in.

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Among the possible players who could be traded from Indiana, there are reports that the Lakers could express interest in acquiring Myles Turner this offseason. Turner has been discussed in NBA trade rumors in recent seasons as teams are intrigued by centers that are capable of spacing the floor.

Like any potential trade, both sides require a mutual interest in getting a deal completed, and the financial part of the trade has to work for both teams.

Taking all of that into account, let’s dive into what a trade for Turner could look like for the Lakers, and whether or not the trade makes sense for both sides.

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