This Kings-Lakers trade is focused on Hassan Whiteside

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Why This Trade Would Benefit The Los Angeles Lakers

This is a good trade for the Los Angeles Lakers because they are able to snag a center they so desperately need for next to nothing. The Lakers landing a center with experience is a must have as they embark on the second half of their season and Hassan Whiteside could be a great target.

Whiteside is known to be a dominant rim protector when he gets extended playing time and right now, at least, he would be able to see additional minutes. That could be quite helpful for the Lakers to have in addition to the presence Anthony Davis provides.

The Lakers could easily fall down into the four or five seed range without their two best centers active so landing a stop gap until Marc Gasol and Anthony Davis are healthy again is a must.

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The difference between the Los Angeles Lakers repeating as Champions or continuing to get bullied inside the paint starts at the center position. Trading for Hassan Whiteside would solve all the Lakers’ problems moving forward.