This Kings-Lakers trade is focused on Hassan Whiteside

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Why This Trade Would Benefit The Sacramento Kings

This is a good trade for the Sacramento Kings because they would be able to flip a player in Hassan Whiteside who doesn’t get very many minutes for pieces that could be better positioned to contribute.

The Kings could use more forward depth and a strong locker room presence. That’s precisely what they would be getting in Alfonzo McKinnie and Jared Dudley in the fold.

Dudley hasn’t played much for the Lakers this season and that doesn’t appear to be set to change any time soon. However, he could fill an important leadership role for a young team that is looking to turn the corner with De’Aaron Fox and Marvin Bagley III.

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Alfonzo McKinnie has spent four seasons in the NBA, all of them one year stints with different teams, and he could look to build a bit of a career in Sacramento. The role Glenn Robinson III filled with the Kings could be filled by McKinnie.