This Kings-Lakers trade is focused on Hassan Whiteside

Hassan Whiteside, Los Angeles Lakers, Sacramento Kings, NBA Trade Rumors
Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Hassan Whiteside

Sacramento Kings Receive: Alfonzo McKinnie, Jared Dudley, 2023 2nd Round Pick

This isn’t a trade that’s going to dominate the ESPN headlines, but it would certainly be an effective deal for both teams. The Lakers need to pick up a center at the NBA trade deadline considering their two starters are currently sitting on the bench in their warmups and this could be a good way for them to do so.

The Sacramento Kings haven’t used Hassan Whiteside too much this season and they could flip a bench player to land a couple more effective players off the bench instead.

The Kings have their center position under wraps with Richaun Holmes anchoring the position, which makes Whiteside expendable. There isn’t a need for a true backup center since Marvin Bagley III is more than capable of contributing at the five spot.

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Both of these teams would benefit from a trade like this, so let’s explore how it would help. Let’s take a look at how this trade would impact both of these franchises moving forward.