This out-of-the-box trade sends Stephen Curry to the Pelicans

The Golden State Warriors opened their season in a really unimpressive way against the Brooklyn Nets. Dare we even think about a trade involving Stephen Curry? Is it blasphemous to even discuss? While it may be, it is also some fun with the New Orleans Pelicans as a potential destination.

Golden State had their dynasty halted last season due to injury to both Curry and Klay Thompson. They were dominated by the Nets in the opener, a game that Draymond Green was forced to miss.

Thompson will miss this season once again thanks to a torn Achilles tendon. Luck has not been on the Warriors side, so is it time to create some of their own?

What better team to send Curry to than the Pelicans? They are set to be one of the most fun teams to watch this season. That does not mean they will be the best, given the fact that they are still rebuilding, but they will have eyeballs all season long.

Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson alone are worth watching. Add Curry to the mix and this team is ready. 

After an entire offseason of building and discussing potential trades, this one was bound to come up. The Warriors are not interested in trading away their franchise player, but just for kicks, let’s take a look at this one. 

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