This Suns-Thunder swap would pair Chris Paul with Devin Booker

Just as the Sun rises in the East every day, the Phoenix Suns are hoping to make a similar rise through the Western Conference in 2021. Phoenix showed great potential in the NBA bubble before departing, and it’s clear that the Suns have to build around Devin Booker while they have the chance. Could Booker find a new veteran point guard in Oklahoma City Thunder star Chris Paul?

The Thunder are adamant about rebuilding after trading Russell Westbrook and Paul George last offseason. Paul, of course, came to Oklahoma City in exchange for Westbrook, both due to the match in salary, and the fact that Houston didn’t need two point guards.

After Billy Donovan parted ways with the Thunder due to the rebuild, it wouldn’t make a ton of sense for Oklahoma City to keep Paul in town.

He could find a landing spot Arizona, where a bright young Suns team is lead by Monty Williams.

A trade sending Paul to Phoenix would mean a reunion with Williams, who coached Paul in New Orleans before Paul would be traded to the Clippers.

Let’s take a look at a trade that could send Chris Paul from the Thunder to the Suns.