This Bulls-Spurs trade would send DeMar DeRozan to Chicago

The Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs are both in interesting positions this offseason, as the Bulls begin a new era and the Spurs seek a return to the playoffs. As San Antonio examines its roster, could DeMar DeRozan be on the move?

DeRozan’s fit in San Antonio has seemingly been in question since his arrival from Toronto. DeRozan was adored in Toronto by Raptors players and fans, but he faces the burden in San Antonio of being the main piece acquired for Kawhi Leonard.

DeRozan could be on the move this offseason, and if so there is a case to be made for several teams. Miami, Charlotte, and Chicago all could be possibilities if the Spurs look to trade DeRozan.

Here is a potential trade that could send DeRozan to Chicago to team up with Zach LaVine and new head coach Billy Donovan.