3 reasons the Knicks should trade Marcus Morris before the deadline

The New York Knicks are heading into the second half of their 2019-20 NBA season with nothing but questions.

Will they tank the rest of the way? What does the future hold? Who will be traded before the NBA trade deadline? The latter is the most important question being asked.

The rumors have the Knicks possibly sending Marcus Morris out of NYC. In theory, it’s a good move. The Knicks are out of playoff contention and could use some valuable assets.

No need to put a veteran through this pain and Morris is on a one-year deal so the cards are aligned for this to happen. But will it?

This is still the New York Knicks we’re talking about so please be careful if you think they’re going to do what’s best for their own franchise and a player.

Here are three reasons why the New York Knicks should trade Marcus Morris

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