Minnesota Timberwolves: 3 Goals for Derrick Rose in 2018-19

Derrick Rose, Minnesota Timberwolves, NBA
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Goal 3: Shoot at Least 33% from Three

Rose has never been a deadly three-point shooter. During this past season, however, there were videos of Rose working with Kyle Korver to try and improve his long-distance shot. While he didn’t show much improvement during the regular season, he shot outstanding in the playoffs.

As mentioned earlier, Rose shot 70 percent from three on two attempts a game. This helped the Timberwolves a significant amount because they could have multiple ball handlers on the court and Rose was capable of playing off-ball; at least catch-and-shoot wise.

Rose is a career 30 percent shooter from deep, so 33 percent would be an improvement. The only time Rose shot 33 percent from three, was during his MVP season in 2011. He did so in 2013-14 shooting 34 percent, but it was only in 10 games.

Rose still has, contrary to public perception, much of his athleticism when healthy, but adding the deep shot to his game would prolong his career and help earn him that multi-year deal next off-season.

If Rose hits at least 33 percent of his three’s next season, it’ll be a success.

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