Minnesota Timberwolves: 3 Goals for Derrick Rose in 2018-19

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Goal 2: Continue to Improve as an Off-Ball Threat

While Rose shot terrific from three for the Wolves in the playoffs, that wasn’t the only aspect he improved on.

Even during Rose later time with the Cavs, Rose was forced to play more off-ball than ever in his career. Rose has never been a good off-ball player, mainly due to his lack of a deep shot, but also because he didn’t move much without the ball.

It was very noticeable how improved Rose was at playing off-ball. Rose cut to the rim during players drives more than he ever did before, and it helped puncture the Rockets defense in the playoffs.

While Rose is still at his best breaking down a defense with the ball in his hands, he wasn’t as effective doing it last year compared to the year before with the New York Knicks. Much of that can be attributed to his ankle injury he suffered early in the year, and having to fit in with a dysfunctional Cavs team and having to learn a new system/new teammates in Minnesota.

Still, Rose isn’t going to have the ball in his hands nonstop, and he knows that. It was clear he was making a concerted effort to move around off ball and get easy baskets off cuts to the rim.

If Rose continues to improve in this aspect, he’ll be capable of being played more minutes; due to the fact he can play on-ball and play off-ball when playing with another ball-handling guard.

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