Cleveland Cavaliers: 3 Ways Larry Nance Jr. Can Improve Offensively

Cleveland Cavaliers, Larry Nance Jr., NBA
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Become a Higher Volume Offensive Rebounding

It’s not as if Nance is a non-factor on the offensive glass. He’s a hustler that competes all-out on every possession. That being said, with his effort and athleticism, you’d think he’d create more offensive possessions than he does, a la Thompson.

Nance’s career offensive rebounding rate is a respectable 9.9 percent, and with his previous team, the Los Angeles Lakers, pushing pace whenever possible, that’s not bad with all the quick shots making it harder to get in position at times.

However, I would expect Nance to increase that rate this season. With Cleveland having Sexton, Osman, Jordan Clarkson getting into the interior of opposing defenses consistently, putbacks will open up.

His offensive rebounding clip jumped to 12.4 percent last season, which is a good sign. With Nance being more in the feel of the game next year, that will increase again. One would think being around Thompson and Love will aid in further development of that skill set. It could warrant more free throw chances, and put more pressure on opponents’ bigs, too.

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