Mavs Trade Proposal Brings Back Former Fan Favorite From Nets

Dorian Finney-Smith, Brooklyn Nets, NBA Trade Rumors
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To get something good, you’ve got to give something good up. That’s as true in the NBA as it is anywhere else. To receive a quality player in a trade, you’ve typically got to give a good player – or asset – up. 

Look at the Dallas Mavericks. At last year’s trade deadline, they acquired Kyrie Irving. He was worth the cost. In 2023-24, Irving is developing solid chemistry with Luka Doncic. That star duo could carry Dallas on a deep playoff run. 

At the same time, the Mavericks would look better with a big 3-and-D wing. That’s exactly the type of player that they had to give up to land Irving. Could they reunite with Dorian Finney-Smith of the Brooklyn Nets? 

NBA Trade Proposal 

Brooklyn Nets Receive: C Richaun Holmes, 2027 First-Round Pick (DAL) 

Dallas Mavericks Receive: F Dorian Finney-Smith

Yet, “something good” is a bit subjective, isn’t it? What’s good to you won’t necessarily be good to others. Sometimes, that’s how trades are born. 

That’s not to say that player value is entirely subjective. There are players around the league who make more – or less – impact than others. Still, every team is in a different situation. At any time, a team may have different needs from another team. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Dorian Finney-Smith, Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks Updates

For example, contending teams have different needs from rebuilding teams. Even then, some teams are between those extremes. What do the Nets need? Should they trade Finney-Smith so soon after acquiring him? 

Why The Brooklyn Nets Do The Deal 

When the Nets traded Irving, it seemed that the plan was to try to stay competitive. Why wouldn’t it be? The Nets owe their next several first-round picks to the Houston Rockets. They have no incentive to tank. 

Yet, the Nets are mediocre. This team may want to compete, but they haven’t looked especially competitive in 2023-24. With that in mind, it may be more sensible to flip a quality veteran like Finney-Smith for some draft capital. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Dorian Finney-Smith, Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks Updates

Moreover, dealing with Dallas again has its perks. The Nets would have their 2027 and 2029 picks following this deal. They’d have Dallas in the same bind that the Rockets have them in now. Who knows? That could give the Nets leverage in transactions with Dallas moving forward. Should the Mavericks give them that leverage? 

Why The Dallas Mavericks Do The Deal 

Sure. The Mavericks shouldn’t be thinking about 2027 or 2029. They should be living in 2024. After all, they’ve got a chance of winning an NBA championship in 2024. 

As of now, that chance feels slim. The Mavericks’ depth dries up pretty quickly after Doncic and Irving. Again – Dallas could use a 3-and-D wing with plus positional size to shore up their rotation. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Dorian Finney-Smith, Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks Updates

Why not add one who they’re already familiar with? Finney-Smith has already been coached by Jason Kidd. He knows what this organization expects, and he’s as impactful as he was when Dallas traded him. They should reunite with him – even if they’ve got to give up a first-round pick. 

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