Nets Trade For Pistons’ Jaden Ivey In Bold Proposal

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If you’re not using something, you shouldn’t keep it. Otherwise, you’re hoarding it. This is a principle that some NBA teams should keep in mind. Why hang onto a promising young player if you won’t give him opportunities? 

Look at the Detroit Pistons. Jaden Ivey is wasting away on this team’s bench. It’s puzzling. Last year, Ivey started the majority of the season.

Now, he can’t find 20 minutes of floor time on some nights. Could his time with the Pistons already be running up? We’re not sure. We will say that this situation is worth monitoring.

If Ivey is falling out of favor in Detroit, they could look to move him. Could they send him to the Brooklyn Nets? 

NBA Trade Proposal: Brooklyn Nets Land Detroit Pistons’ Jaden Ivey

Jaden Ivey, Detroit Pistons, NBA Rumors
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Detroit Pistons Receive: F Royce O’Neale, 2025 First-Round Pick (PHX via BKN) 
Brooklyn Nets Receive: G Jaden Ivey

Let’s explore the situation a little further. Ivey had a solid rookie season. One would assume that the Pistons would prioritize him.

He’s a recent lottery pick and one of the most talented players on this roster. What gives?Well, the Pistons spent a lot of money to bring Monty Williams on board as their head coach.

He intended to instill a sense of professionalism in this young roster. Williams is running a meritocracy. There’s something he doesn’t like about the way that Ivey is playing. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jaden Ivey, Detroit Pistons, Brooklyn Nets Updates

In fairness, he is prone to defensive lapses. He can also have tunnel vision on the offensive end. Yet, it feels egregious to afford Ivey as few opportunities as Williams has.

Could the Nets give him a longer leash? 

Why The Brooklyn Nets Do The Deal 

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The Nets are in a unique position. They’ve got a solidly deep team full of role players, but they’re missing a true lead ball-handler. Meanwhile, they’ve got a cache of draft capital that they can use to land one. 

This isn’t how some Nets fans would have them using that draft capital. They’d prefer to blow it all on a proven superstar. There’s some merit in that idea.

The Nets could make one blockbuster deal to pivot toward instant title contention. On the other hand, how often does an opportunity to land a recent lottery pick at a discount emerge?

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jaden Ivey, Detroit Pistons, Brooklyn Nets Updates

If Ivey can continue developing in Brooklyn, they could be landing a star guard at a low price. That would leave them with enough draft capital to continue improving their roster.

Should the Pistons afford them such an opportunity? 

Why The Detroit Pistons Do The Deal 

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One thing is clear: the Pistons have got to do something. They’re the worst team in the NBA – again. Meanwhile, they’re killing Ivey’s trade value. Something has got to give in Motor City. 

This deal, in theory, could make them better right now. The Pistons are light on 3-and-D wings. O’Neale isn’t here to make the money work. He could be a meaningful addition to this team’s rotation.

Since they’re only using Ivey in a minimal role anyway, this could be a win-now upgrade for Detroit. At the same time, they’re also landing a first-round pick.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jaden Ivey, Detroit Pistons, Brooklyn Nets Updates

Ordinarily, drafting a player fifth only to flip him for a pick from a contending a year later would be a mistake. This is no ordinary situation. The Pistons aren’t using Ivey. Why hang onto him? 

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