Magic Trade For Bulls’ Nikola Vucevic In Bold Proposal

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Any NBA trade is going to be relitigated. Meanwhile, there are different ways to look at any given trade. There’s always a pure value perspective – who got more? Yet, that’s not the only question we should ask about NBA trades. 

Did each team accomplish their goals? Suppose a team trades two young players for a star. Now, imagine that those two young players both become stars.

The team that received the young players “won” the trade – but if the opposing team won an NBA title, they’re not going to care. 

With that in mind, the Orlando Magic won their Nikola Vucevic trade with the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls haven’t accomplished their goals, and Orlando got more value.

Could they now go get Vucevic back from the Bulls? 

NBA Trade Proposal: Orlando Magic Land Chicago Bulls’ Nikola Vucevic

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Chicago Bulls Receive: F/C Jonathan Isaac, 2025 First-Round Pick (Top 10 Protected – ORL) 
Orlando Magic Receive: C Nikola Vucevic 

Fans react to trades in real-time. That’s not the right way to approach a trade. Sure, we can look at a trade at face value, but realistically, it takes years for a move to be fully evaluated. Is there another deal we can look at to illustrate this point? 

Sure. Two seasons ago, the Sacramento Kings traded Tyrese Haliburton to the Indiana Pacers in exchange for Domantas Sabonis. Last year, it looked like a win-win trade. The Kings made the playoffs, and the Pacers landed a younger star.

In 2023-24, the Pacers have a better record than the Kings – as well as the younger, more productive player. Does this still look like a win-win deal? 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Nikola Vucevic, Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic Updates

No. With that said, who knows whether the Kings could turn their season around. Do you see what we’re getting at? We won’t know how these deals are going to shake out for years.

Is this likely to be a good deal for Chicago? 

Why The Chicago Bulls Do The Deal 

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The Bulls are getting less back for Vucevic than they gave up. We understand that. That’s what happens – Vucevic is older now, and his defensive limitations have become clearer. 

So, this is still a good return for a Bulls team that appears likely to blow up their roster. Recent rumors have suggested that they’re looking to move Zach LaVine. If that’s true, they’ll surely be open to moving Vucevic.

The only question is whether this is market value for the veteran big man. It could be more – if Isaac can get healthy. In that event, the Bulls could win this deal by a landslide.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Nikola Vucevic, Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic Updates

Yet, even if he doesn’t, flipping Vucevic for a protected pick makes sense. Should Orlando give that protected pick up? 

Why The Orlando Magic Do The Deal 

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It’s worth noting that Vucevic was on the Magic for a long time. In all likelihood, they didn’t want to part with him – they felt they had no choice. The Magic were mediocre for a long time and had to move on. 

Now, they’re ready to take a step forward. The Magic are on the rise. With Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner on the roster, they could easily make a playoff push this year.

With that said, they could use some center depth. Wendell Carter Jr. seems to get hurt a little too often. Why not reunite with Vucevic? He’s still a highly productive player despite his age and flaws.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Nikola Vucevic, Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic Updates

By adding a stretch big man who offers some secondary playmaking, Orlando should improve. They may even end up winning this trade. 

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