Warriors Trade For Pelicans’ Brandon Ingram In Bold Proposal

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The Golden State Warriors have had quite the run. This has been the NBA’s preeminent dynasty for years. With that said, it feels like the wheels are falling off.

The Warriors may not be able to sustain their dominance for much longer. Look at this team. Chris Paul is nearing retirement. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are starting to show their age as well.

Stephen Curry is still performing at an elite level, but that can’t last forever. Fans of the Warriors may be waiting a while to watch their team make another NBA title run. 

Unless they make a major move, that is. The Warriors have assets. If they wanted, they could upgrade their roster in a major way.

Could they acquire Brandon Ingram of the New Orleans Pelicans? 

NBA Trade Proposal: Golden State Warriors Land New Orleans Pelicans’ Brandon Ingram

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New Orleans Pelicans Receive: G/F Klay Thompson, 2026 First-Round Pick (GSW), 2027 First-Round Pick (Swap – GSW), 2028 First-Round Pick (GSW), 2029 First-Round Pick (Swap – GSW) 
Golden State Warriors Receive: F Brandon Ingram, F/C Larry Nance Jr. 

With that said, fans of other teams won’t cry for the Warriors. They didn’t just win an NBA title – they won several. Plenty of fans never get to see their team climb that mountain top. Sometimes, a talented core just fails to get off of the ground floor. 

Will the Pelicans suffer that fate? Time will tell. At the moment, it’s hard to feel optimistic about this group. The Pelicans have a losing record at this point in the season.

They’ve been here before. That doesn’t mean they can’t turn it around – there’s a lot of talent here. If New Orleans doesn’t want to make any major changes, they don’t have to. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Brandon Ingram, New Orleans Pelicans, Golden State Warriors Updates

Yet, they could justify it. This team is at a crossroads. They could commit to this core, but at some point, they may have to pivot. If New Orleans wanted to get that over with, that would be understandable as well.

Should they start by sending Ingram to the Warriors? 

Why The New Orleans Pelicans Do The Deal 

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Durability is a major concern for the Pelicans. Zion Williamson is frequently hurt, and Ingram gets injured on occasion as well. If they’re choosing between this duo, it won’t be an easy choice. Williamson is more talented, but Ingram is more durable.

Do not envy the Pelicans. Here, we’ve got them choosing upside by sticking with Williamson. The Pelicans will have to pray to the injury Gods that Williamson can stay on the floor.

In that event, this could be a helpful deal for them on a long-term basis. The Pelicans are landing two first-round picks and two swaps for Ingram. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Brandon Ingram, New Orleans Pelicans, Golden State Warriors Updates

They’re also landing Klay Thompson. That makes sense on a couple of levels. Thompson can contribute if the Pelicans want to stay competitive. On the other hand, they could also be intrigued by his expiring contract.

Should the Warriors move off of his expiring deal? 

Why The Golden State Warriors Do The Deal 

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The Warriors may be on the decline. They’ve still got a title window. With that in mind, they shouldn’t be worried about clearing expiring contracts. The Warriors should be doing whatever they can to give themselves the best possible odds of winning an NBA championship. 

Meanwhile, we know Ingram can work in this system. How? Well, his game bears a striking resemblance to Kevin Durant’s. No, it’s not a perfect comparison.

Ingram hunts midrange shots at the expense of threes a little too often. Still, there’s some proof of concept here. We know that the Warriors can incorporate a long, three-level scoring wing into their system without losing a beat. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Brandon Ingram, New Orleans Pelicans, Golden State Warriors Updates

Some Warriors fans will feel differently. We understand. There’s a sentimental connection to Thompson within this fanbase. After all, he’s been instrumental to their success. If he lands them Brandon Ingram, he could be once more. 

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