Nets Trade For Hawks’ Dejounte Murray In Bold Proposal

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NBA historians will tell you that defense wins championships. There’s some truth in that. The ability to stop another team from scoring will always have some value. With that said, the NBA is a more offensively oriented league than it’s ever been before

Realistically, two-way play dominates the league. Still, if you’re forced to lean in one direction, you’d rather lean towards scoring. Apparently, someone forgot to tell the Brooklyn Nets. This organization has built an elite defensive roster. Without a primary playmaker, it may not matter. The Nets are likely to have trouble scoring next season.

With that said, the Nets may be biding their time. This team has a stockpile of future first-round picks. In time, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they used them to trade for that primary playmaker. How about Dejounte Murray of the Brooklyn Nets?

The Trade Proposal

Atlanta Hawks Receive: G Spencer Dinwiddie, F Dorian Finney-Smith, 2025 First-Round Pick (PHX via BKN), 2027 First-Round Pick (PHX via BKN) 
Brooklyn Nets Receive: G Dejounte Murray

If defense does win championships, the Atlanta Hawks may have a problem. Their best player is a porous defender. Nobody can take Trae Young’s offensive abilities from him, but his stopping powers are among the league’s worst.

In fact, that’s why the Hawks acquired Murray in the first place. In stark contrast to Young, Murray is one of the best point-of-attack defenders in the NBA. He was supposed to cover for Young’s shortcomings on that end of the floor. Unfortunately, the offensive fit between the duo proved questionable in 2022-23.

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Dejounte Murray, Brooklyn Nets & Atlanta Hawks Updates

Should the Hawks give up on their star duo already? Not necessarily. They could give this thing another year. Atlanta got a new head coach through the door midseason – they may want to see how Quinn Snyder’s system works. Could this deal entice them to cut ties with Murray after just one season?

Why The Atlanta Hawks Do The Deal

If the Hawks are going to build around Young, they need players who complement him. That means players who can defend – and players who can shoot. That’s where Murray falls short. He’s a subpar floor spacer who doesn’t do much to compliment Young when he has the ball.

So, the Hawks are moving him. Dinwiddie isn’t an especially strong fit – he’s a subpar defender in his own right. That’s fine. Dinwiddie is also on an expiring contract, and Atlanta is known to be searching for cap relief. On the other hand, Finney-Smith is exactly the type of 3-and-D wing who should be alongside Young.

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Dejounte Murray, Brooklyn Nets & Atlanta Hawks Updates

Still, the Hawks are mostly looking to replenish their draft capital here. They’re getting one less pick back than they sent out for Murray – we’re assuming the market will have adjusted since that deal. Still, these picks will help Atlanta improve their roster down the line. Should the Nets give them up?

Why The Brooklyn Nets Do The Deal

In all likelihood, the Nets only have these picks to trade anyway. After all, they don’t own their own draft capital until 2027. Until then, they’ll send all of their first-round picks, whether outright or via swap, to the Houston Rockets. The Nets have no incentive to lose.

So, they need a primary playmaker. If that primary playmaker was a plus defender, that would be helpful too. The Nets are likely trying to establish a culture on that end of the floor – they may not want players who don’t give defensive effort. If so, Murray would be a perfect acquisition. He’s a viable primary playmaker who doubles as one of the best defensive guards in the NBA.

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Dejounte Murray, Brooklyn Nets & Atlanta Hawks Updates

Meanwhile, the Nets can spare these outgoing players. Murray is coming to upgrade Dinwiddie’s position, and the Nets have a surplus of 3-and-D wings besides Finney-Smith. Whether you believe offense or defense wins championships, this deal makes sense for Brooklyn.

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