Heat Trade For Blazers’ Jrue Holiday In Bold Proposal

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The 2023-24 NBA season is less than a month away from tipping off, yet we may have just witnessed the biggest deal of the offseason. The Damian Lillard saga has been well documented, and now a massive four-team trade sees the longtime Portland Trail Blazer head to the Milwaukee Bucks. However, today we’ll be discussing arguably the biggest name moved aside from Lillard, All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday

Holiday enjoyed a successful tenure playing with the Bucks, being a key piece to their championship-winning team in 2021. The UCLA product is now a part of the Trail Blazers, but how long will he be playing in Portland? The Blazers have several young, promising guards on their roster, with one being third-overall pick Scoot Henderson. Holiday could come in as a mentor to these young players, but he’s likely to be re-routed elsewhere.

So what could be a potential suitor for the two-way veteran? Well, potentially the Miami Heat. The Heat just came off a Cinderella run to the NBA finals, being the second eighth-seeded team to make a finals appearance. Unfortunately, the Denver Nuggets proved to be too much for Jimmy Butler & Co., so President Pat Riley could be looking to make a splash after failing to acquire Damian Lillard.

The Trade Proposal

Portland Trail Blazers Receive: G Kyle Lowry, F Caleb Martin, 2024 Unprotected First-Round Pick (MIA), 2026 Top 3 Protected First-Round Pick (MIA)
Miami Heat Receive: G Jrue Holiday

Looking at the trade on paper, you could argue the Blazers are losing value as they don’t get a player back of the same caliber as Holiday. Sure the Blazers could target a deal involving guard Tyler Herro, but do they need to clog their back-court even more?

Lowry only has one more year on his deal and could serve as a valuable vet for the Blazers’ young guards, and given his expiring contract he could serve as a coveted trade-piece come the 2024 trade deadline.

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Jrue Holiday, Milwaukee Bucks & Miami Heat Updates

For the Heat this is a no-brainer, Holiday is coming off his second All-Star appearance and would make an immediate impact as a defensive stopper and shot-creator next to Butler.

Why The Portland Trail Blazers Do The Deal

It seems that the Blazers have a young core set in place, with Anfernee Simons, Scoot Henderson, and Shaedon Sharpe all being promising players yet to enter their primes. The recent trade also saw them acquire former No. 1 overall pick Deandre Ayton.

They are happy with their roster construction for the time being, and will probably want assets and draft capital to build on this going forward, which this transaction would give them. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Jrue Holiday, Milwaukee Bucks & Miami Heat Updates

Caleb Martin was a necessity to make the contracts match, but he certainly adds value as a throw-in. Martin had a fantastic postseason, having a legitimate case at one point to be named Eastern Conference Finals MVP over Jimmy Butler. The Blazers need depth on the wing, and Martin offers just that.

Why The Miami Heat Do The Deal

This side of the deal doesn’t need much explaining. The Heat were less talented than the Nuggets last season, given they were missing Herro for all but one game of the series. Even with Herro in the lineup, it likely wouldn’t be enough to change the outcome of the series, and Holiday would offer defensive versatility and serve as another ball handler alongside Butler. 

Yes, the Heat would be giving up draft capital, but with Butler entering the upcoming season at 34 years old, Riley and the front office will likely prioritize moves that help them win now. The Eastern Conference has also seen teams significantly improve their roster.

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Jrue Holiday, Milwaukee Bucks & Miami Heat Updates

With the Bucks and Boston Celtics both making big trades this offseason. The Heat have often been underrated, but this move could have them looked at as legitimate contenders.

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