NBA Rumors: This Heat-Wizards Trade Features Rui Hachimura

This Heat-Wizards Trade Features Rui Hachimura

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Why The Washington Wizards Do The Deal 

This trade would be met with some disappointment among Wizards fans. 

After all, Hachimura was a lottery pick. Now, he’s getting traded for a pick that’s lottery protected. That’s not exactly a return on the team’s investment. 

So it goes. Teams won’t trade for Hachimura based on his draft pedigree. They’ll trade for him based on his production in the NBA so far. At this point, he hasn’t produced like a lottery pick. 

This deal allows the Wizards to avoid paying him this summer on those grounds. It also nets them a crack at what’s supposed to be a deep draft.

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The Heat shouldn’t fall in the lottery, and if the Wizards choose wisely, they can select a player who surpasses Hachimura. 

Should the Heat give them that opportunity? 

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