This Bulls-Mavs Trade Features DeMar DeRozan

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Why The Dallas Mavericks Do The Deal  

It’s easier to answer why the Mavericks wouldn’t do this deal. 

Let it be said that DeRozan isn’t a perfect fit alongside Doncic. Specifically, the pair’s combined accuracy from distance isn’t ideal. Could the Mavs work around it? 

We strongly believe so. Doncic and DeRozan are two of the most creative playmakers in the game. Surround them with spacing, and an offense should sing. 

Whether it wins them a title is a different story. Still, even if gets them close, it could motivate Doncic to stay.

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The Mavericks should make an overture that shows Doncic they’re serious about winning a title with him at the helm. 

After all, they’d hate to lose his talent.