This Bulls-Mavs Trade Features DeMar DeRozan

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Why The Chicago Bulls Do The Deal 

The Bulls do the deal because they feel mired in mediocrity, and need a way out. 

This team is not winning an NBA title in 2022-23. That is almost certain. Why should they hold onto a veteran like DeRozan? 

They don’t need to tank following this trade. They still have Zach LaVine and Nikola Vucevic on the roster. Realistically, this deal is about opening up options. 

The Bulls could use these new assets to help acquire a new co-star for LaVine down the line. Alternatively, if they opted to move LaVine, they’d have some future assets to rebuild with.

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More than anything, this is about the Bulls recognizing their ceiling and moving a quality player for some assets. 

Should DeRozan be worth those assets to the Mavericks?