This Lakers-Magic Trade Features Mo Bamba

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Some things defy explanation — even in the NBA. In all likelihood, you know somebody who swears they’ve experienced paranormal activity.

Logically, you may have your doubts – but you’ve got to admit, some things cannot be explained. 

Here’s another inexplicable event: Russell Westbrook is still on the Los Angeles Lakers. How is this possible? He’s scapegoated for all of their problems. He’s wildly unpopular with their fanbase. How is this man still on this team? 

If there is an explanation, it owes to the draft capital the Lakers would have to cede in order to move Westbrook.

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Perhaps the front office simply can’t stomach the price. If that’s the case, they need to target players who will complement the future Hall-of-Famer. 

For example, getting a big man who can shoot threes would be a good first step. Here’s a deal that has the Lakers landing Mo Bamba.