This Nets-Pelicans Trade Features Kevin Durant

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For diehard fans of basketball, a player’s career doesn’t begin once they enter the NBA. Those fans have been familiar with the league’s top players since they were in high school. 

As a result, expectations for those players are also set early. Sometimes, the results can be unfair. If a player doesn’t live up to expectations, isn’t that our fault for expecting more than they’re capable of giving? 

For example, look at Zion Williamson. He was an extremely anticipated prospect. Meanwhile, though he’s been productive at the NBA level, a series of injuries have kept him from reaching his full potential. 

On the other hand, it’s fair to say that Kevin Durant has exceeded expectations in his career.

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While he was a highly anticipated prospect, any general manager expecting the career he’s put together would have picked him first overall. As a second overall selection, Durant has been even better than advertised. 

Could those two players join forces as Pelicans this season?