Boston Celtics Acquire Myles Turner In Major Trade Scenario

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In this life, certain things are irreplaceable. At the same time, very few things are unbreakable. The NBA is a reminder of this at times.

If life is anything, it’s complicated. Suppose you lose your favourite sweater. Sure, you could find a similar one. In that sense, the sweater will be “replaced”, but let’s be honest – it’s not the same sweater. 

Of course, losing a human being is significantly more emotionally complicated. With that said, we’re not here to offer grief counselling: unless you’re a fan of the Boston Celtics, that is. 

After all, the Celtics just lost Robert Williams III for 8-12 weeks due to injury. It’s unfortunate. When healthy, the man they call Time Lord is one of the most versatile defensive bigs in the NBA.

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The Celtics based large portions of their defensive scheme around him – he’ll be sorely missed in Bean Town. With that said, they could aim to replace him. Of course, he’ll be back.

Any Williams III replacement ought to be a player who can work alongside him when he returns. Could Myles Turner be that player?