NBA Insider Reveals Knicks’ Donovan Mitchell Trade Offer

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The New York Knicks and Utah Jazz recently got back to the negotiating table for some fresh trade talks centered around Donovan Mitchell. It had been a few weeks since the teams last talked, as the NBA Summer League was the last time they had interactions with each other.

While talks have begun being held again, sources made sure to indicate that no deal is imminent. There is still plenty of work to do as there isn’t any traction on a deal.

Both teams have presented a strong front as they are not budging off their offers. Utah is looking to get at least as much, if not more, than they did from the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for Rudy Gobert. New York has the assets to pull that off, but there is no reason to offer more than they need to as their B+ deal is better than most teams’ A+ offers.

However, if recent reports about the Knicks’ latest offer are true, there is a wide gap between the teams. Over at The Athletic, Shams Charania offered an update on what the Knicks made available and it is somewhat surprising.

“New York made a recent offer of Evan Fournier, Obi Toppin, additional salary and two unprotected first-round draft picks… The Jazz’s asking price has been more significant than that.”

The additional salary could be a player such as Derrick Rose or maybe another one of the young players in Cam Reddish. Even with their inclusion, this falls well short of what Utah has been seeking in return.

The Jazz reportedly want RJ Barrett to be included in the deal and are seeking five or six first-round picks. That isn’t a price the Knicks are ever going to come close to as in some regards they are just bidding against themselves at this point. Other suitors have emerged, but some of them are focused more on Kevin Durant and the ones solely focused on Mitchell can’t get close to what the Knicks can offer.

Another impasse seems to have been reached. Maybe something can change with training camp approaching and the teams not wanting to have the distractions looming. But, for now, a deal isn’t close to being completed.

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