3 Lakers-Knicks-Jazz Trades Involving Donovan Mitchell

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NBA trades often require a degree of creativity. Historically, the league’s best general managers see possibilities where others do not.

After all, some trades are obvious. A star on an otherwise poor team can always get moved for first-round picks. When two teams’ interests perfectly align, the outcome can write itself.

On the other hand, sometimes a less obvious route to getting a deal done is required. Perhaps two sides can’t agree on a fair trade and need a third team to facilitate the arrangement.

Somehow, negotiations between the New York Knicks and Utah Jazz on Donovan Mitchell seem to fit both descriptions. Their interests are aligned, but to what extent is unclear.

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In other words, it’s hard to put a finger on how many first-round picks the Knicks should send the Utah Jazz for their star guard.

Perhaps bringing the Los Angeles Lakers in to facilitate would be helpful. Here are three 3 team deals between those sides that land Mitchell in New York.