Heat Land Kevin Durant In Blockbuster Trade Scenario

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Sometimes, NBA trades get complicated. We mean that in a couple of ways – making them can get complicated, and they can be complicated once they’re made.

After all, look at the Kevin Durant situation. One of the best players in the NBA has demanded a trade. Surely, someone will take him off Brooklyn’s hands.

Someone? Anyone?

It’s not actually that simple. For example, the Miami Heat have emerged as a serious suitor for Durant. Unfortunately for them, they can’t send the Nets Bam Adebayo as long as Ben Simmons is on the Nets’ roster.

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A rule in the CBA stipulates that a team with a player on a max rookie extension cannot trade for a player who’s also on one.

Still, with some creativity and the help of a third team, perhaps the Nets and Heat could find a workaround. Here’s a trade proposal that has them doing so with the Atlanta Hawks.