‘Lowballing’: Inside Knicks-Jazz Donovan Mitchell Trade Talks

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We have reached the dog days of the NBA calendar. Things have slowed down dramatically with Summer League wrapping up a few weeks ago and team personnel taking some vacations before things ramp back up in September for training camp.

While things are quiet for now, there could still be some big moves on the horizon. Some All-Stars may have new homes in the coming weeks including Utah Jazz shooting guard Donovan Mitchell.

Trade talks hit a fever pitch a few weeks ago with Mitchell, as there were some reports that the Jazz were close to completing a deal with the New York Knicks. New York emerged as the favorite to land the three-time All-Star as they have the kind of assets that a rebuilding Utah franchise would be interested in.

However, there haven’t been any new developments recently. Tony Jones, a Jazz beat reporter, recently made an appearance on ESPN700 and shared an update on the situation. According to his sources, the Jazz haven’t been thrilled with the trade packages they are receiving.

“I think that the Jazz are a little disappointed that offers have been, I don’t want to use the word low balling, but that’s probably the apt word to use right now,” Jones said.

The asking price that Danny Ainge set was astronomical, so any offer that the Jazz received could be perceived as a low ball package. They reportedly asked the Knicks for at least six out of the eight first-round picks they have available to trade and multiple young players such as Quentin Grimes, Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickley and Deuce McBride.

Cam Reddish and RJ Barrett reportedly don’t interest the Jazz because they are both extension eligible and Utah doesn’t want to figure out a long-term deal for them. That is great news for the Knicks, as any hopes of turning into a sustained contender include having Barrett long-term.

These negotiations will likely go on for weeks as neither side is facing pressure right now to make a deal. Utah is the team heading toward a rebuild, so they probably have more pressure than New York does to complete a deal. The Knicks already made a splash acquisition this offseason, signing Jalen Brunson in free agency.

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