1 Bold Trade To Send Donovan Mitchell To Denver Nuggets

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They say money makes the world go around. Of course, they also say that it’s the root of all evil. In the NBA, the currency of the day is draft capital.

Some will argue that the NBA’s evils are rooted in it as well. Whenever a team trades their star player for a pick-heavy package, there is inevitably blowback from certain corners. We’re sure you’ve heard it before:

“What are these draft picks? They didn’t get anything back! You need to get something tangible in return for (Player X)”.

Here’s the thing: draft picks are “something tangible”. Eventually, teams use them to (insert drum roll) select players in the draft. A startling revelation, we know.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND TRADE RUMORS: New Updates On Utah Jazz Star Donovan Mitchell

It won’t be one to Utah Jazz General Manager Danny Ainge. He knows the value of draft capital, having just traded Rudy Gobert in exchange for, among other assets, four unprotected first-round picks.

Still, could he go a different route in trading Donovan Mitchell?