This Knicks-Spurs Trade Sends Dejounte Murray To NYC

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There’s a common adage that applies to NBA trade rumors: where there’s enough smoke, there’s usually fire. That may apply doubly to the San Antonio Spurs. Generally, this is an organization that takes its safety precautions.

Recently, they’ve been surrounded by smoke. Specifically, they’re heavily rumored to be shopping Dejounte Murray. Given the breakout season he enjoyed in 2021-22, they’d surely fetch a significant return for his services.

Generally, it’s unlike the Spurs to bottom out. They’ve not been an organization associated with “tanking”. With that said, it wouldn’t be the first time they went that route. This organization notoriously tanked ahead of the 1997 draft.

The decision worked out fairly well for them. In fact, it landed them the greatest player in the franchise’s history in Tim Duncan.

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If the Spurs are looking at a stacked 2023 class and hoping for similar luck, they couldn’t be blamed.

They’d be sure to maximize their odds by trading Murray. Here’s a deal that sends the star point guard packing for NYC.