This Clippers-Nets Trade Sends Kyrie Irving To L.A.

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Why The Brooklyn Nets Do The Deal

By now, Kyrie Irving is the definition of a distressed asset. The Brooklyn Nets are probably feeling a little distressed themselves.

No, this isn’t great value for Irving. It still brings two quality rotation players to Brooklyn. Powell is the best player coming back. He’s a strong scoring guard/wing who’ll replicate at least a portion of Irving’s production.

Morris Sr. isn’t quite as valuable, but he’ll still be helpful for this team. In particular, he’s likely to anchor lineups at the 5 with Ben Simmons running point. His ability to space the floor will be useful towards the goal of maximizing Simmons’ effectiveness.

It’s not inspiring. This deal won’t have Nets fans rejoicing. At the same time, with a healthy Simmons, these two players could help the Nets next year.

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In comparison to a Kyrie Irving that’s regularly unavailable, that holds particularly true. Is parting with Powell and Morris Sr. worth the gamble for the LA Clippers?