2 Trade Ideas To Send Jerami Grant To Boston Celtics

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Since the 2021-22 All-Star break, the Boston Celtics have looked like the best team in the NBA.

For that reason, they may not make any drastic changes this summer. As it stands, they’re 2-2 with the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Even a victory against the defending champions may motivate this club to run it back in 2022-23.

On the other hand, if they fall short in this series, they may determine that they don’t have the firepower to truly contend. In that event, Jerami Grant would be a perfect trade target.

After all, the Celtics have had a lot of success with the similar Grant Williams at the 4. If he could tighten up his handle and attack close-outs consistently, he’d basically be Jerami Grant.

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Functionally, Grant fits right into their system. He just happens to upgrade it.

If the Celtics see the need to upgrade, here are two trade packages that land Jerami Grant in Boston.