Kyrie Irving Finally Reveals Thoughts On NBA Top 75 Team Snub

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The NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team has been a controversial topic of discussion ever since its release in late October.

Fans witnessed a historical moment when NBA 75 Team all gathered for a ceremony at All-Star Weekend this February. Yet, there were still some raised eyebrows over certain players not invited. None more notable than Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving. Whose omission from the NBA Top 75 was a decision that surprised many.

For the most part, Irving has remained relatively tight-lipped ever since the snub. However, five months from the release – he’s finally shared his thoughts.

“I think I’ll leave it to the conspiracy theorists,” Irving told reporters. “I think I was on the list, but I guess I’m not, so hey, like I said, maybe I’ll just wait 10 years, 20 years from now, hopefully with a few championships under my belt and talking with you guys on the court raising a few championship banners here in [Brooklyn]. That’s what it’s all about.”

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From his quotes, it seems as though Kyrie Irving is perhaps in agreement with an ‘internet theory‘ – claiming he was snubbed due to his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine.

And ultimately, Irving has every right to feel hard done by, based solely on what he’s achieved on the basketball court. He’s a seven-time All-Star, has three All-NBA selections, and has starred in three NBA Finals, winning a championship. Irving was among the driving forces behind a team that ended Cleveland’s 52-year major sports championship drought.

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In just mere moments, Irving has left a significant imprint on NBA history. In the final minute of the 2016 NBA Finals, his go-ahead basket ranks among the rarest air of clutch shots in League history. For any basketball lover, where they were for that famous Game 7 is something they’ll likely remember forever.

Irving has also averaged 27.7 points in 13 games in the NBA Finals during his career. Putting him 7th all-time for the highest scoring average in Finals history. Irving, throughout his career, has performed on the biggest stage time and time again. Yet, some inclusions to the Top 75 haven’t even sniffed the Finals.

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Nevertheless, in just over a week, Kyrie Irving will make his return to high-stakes basketball. Before he can start thinking about the Playoffs again – Irving and the Brooklyn Nets must first take care of business in the Play-In tournament. Then maybe, he can get to work on trying to raise one of those banners he mentioned earlier.

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