‘Thanks For James’: NBA Twitter Reacts To Sixers Fans At Simmons’ Hotel

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Former Philadelphia 76ers star and current member of the Brooklyn Nets, Ben Simmons, is back in town for the first time since the NBA trade deadline move that swapped him to an Atlantic Division rival in exchange for James Harden.

As Ben Simmons walked to the Nets’ team bus before departing for their morning shootaround, there were some 76ers fans eagerly awaiting to voice their displeasure. Well, some offered a mixed reaction between boos and offering their thanks for getting the Sixers James Harden.

Much of the reaction on NBA Twitter was not impressed with the few Sixers fans who were showing their displeasure for Simmons outside of the team’s hotel.

It’s not irrational to expect fans of the Philadelphia 76ers to have some level of displeasure with Ben Simmons’ approach to leaving the franchise. They supported him from the start of his NBA career and as he developed into being an All-Star in front of their eyes.

The issue, however, is that meeting anyone outside of their hotel goes beyond the general boundaries. Save it for the arena. That’s where showing support and dissatisfaction is meant in sports.

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Consider this a preview of what Ben Simmons can expect when he walks onto the court to sit alongside his Brooklyn Nets teammates as they take on the Philadelphia 76ers during the NBA on TNT televised showdown.

In the end, consider what Ben Simmons ultimately did for the Philadelphia 76ers. While he may not have groomed into being an MVP player himself, he landed the Sixers former MVP James Harden, who could very well lead the team to a championship this season alongside Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey.

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