4 star players who could be on the move this offseason

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Aside from the NBA Draft and free agency, the NBA offseason is time for players to relax and enjoy time away from the court. Well, sort of because the second they lose a playoff game or series nowadays, rumors begin swirling about them possibly being traded! 

You cannot go a second during the offseason without stumbling across a trade rumor and most of the time, they focus on the league’s biggest stars.

Every offseason, we see All-Star worthy and current All-Star players on the move to new teams in hopes of reaching their ultimate goal — winning a championship. 

Over the last few years, we have seen Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis both be included in offseason trades that resulted in them winning championships. Could we see a similar route by another NBA superstar this offseason? 

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The playoffs may still be going on, but this does not mean that the offseason has not begun! The second teams are eliminated from the postseason, the offseason begins for them, which is why we are seeing some of the league’s brightest stars included in these rumors. 

So which NBA superstars and All-Stars could be traded this offseason? Let’s take a look at four stars who could be on the move this summer, resulting in the league potentially being changed for the foreseeable future. 

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