How the NBA would have been changed with Chris Paul on the 76ers

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Some pending free agents would have big decisions to make

Looking ahead to the future and some of the key pending free agents this coming offseason, Chris Paul being with the Philadelphia 76ers would have shaken a lot of things up in terms of potential landing spots for some of the league’s best free agents. 

Paul has a player option for next season worth $44.2M, and it is hard to imagine anybody turning down $40M+ for a year, which is why he would have been under contract with the 76ers through next season. 

Not only does this mean that they would not be looking to sign another point guard, but it could open the door for other teams to potentially pursue guys like Kyle Lowry, Mike Conley and Victor Oladipo. 

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Not to mention, other teams in the Eastern Conference would be super aggressive in terms of adding talent to their roster to try and catch up to the Sixers and Nets. Teams will already be doing so in the offseason given how godo Philly and Brooklyn have been this year, but Chris Paul is definitely more scary than Ben Simmons in terms of competition. 

As a result, teams like the Knicks, Bucks, Heat and Celtics could have all entered this coming offseason with the mindset of bringing in another All-Star talent to their rosters. While this still may be the case, Chris Paul being on the 76ers would almost “scare” the other teams in the Eastern Conference into making some moves. 

As for some of the pending free agents, not only would the 76ers be off their list of potential destinations, but a move that seems destined to happen may not be on the table anymore if this scenario had played out. Kyle Lowry is a big name that is going to be a free agent and the Philadelphia 76ers are one of the teams expected to make a run at him. 

If they had Chris Paul though, there is no reason that the 76ers would look to add Kyle Lowry to their roster, hence one of the biggest ways that Chris Paul being in Philly would have changed the landscape of the NBA.

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