How the NBA would have been changed with Chris Paul on the 76ers

One of the biggest NBA storylines that appeared over the last week or so revolved around Chris Paul and a potential championship contender that tried to trade for the future Hall-of-Fame point guard ahead of the start of the season. 

Before he was traded to the Phoenix Suns, the Philadelphia 76ers made a strong push for Chris Paul, according to reports from The Athletic. There were a variety of different teams in the mix in NBA rumors at the time, but Paul ultimately chose his destination.

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Some of the reports on the Sixers push for Chris Paul stated that the 76ers made a “spirited push” to acquire Paul from the Thunder, but Paul thought that the Suns were “the best fit professionally and personally.” 

While it is a hypothetical scenario of asking “what if” Chris Paul had gone to the 76ers instead of the Suns, it is actually an interesting topic to discuss. So many things that have happened this season would not have happened if Paul was in Philadelphia and if this trade actually had been made, what would this mean for things championship wise? 

Would the 76ers be in a better position to win a championship this year if they had traded for Chris Paul? What would have happened with the Phoenix Suns this year since they would not have had Paul?

Let’s take a look at three ways the NBA would have been changed should Chris Paul have agreed to be traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. 

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