This Pistons-Suns trade features Jerami Grant to Phoenix

The Phoenix Suns showed in the offseason that they were interested in competing in the Western Conference. So far this season, they are looking like a playoff team and can continue to make moves to solidify their spot with an addition at the NBA trade deadline. This is one with the Detroit Pistons that would help the team right away.

The Suns made a deal for Chris Paul in the offseason with the Oklahoma City Thunder. This gave Devin Booker a partner on the perimeter. Booker has been one of the best scorers in the NBA for a couple years now but has been unable to qualify for the postseason due to a poor supporting cast.

Despite going a perfect 8-0 in the NBA Bubble, Phoenix missed out on the postseason. This is why the Suns went out to get Chris Paul and it is looking like that could change this year.

A team that will not be going to the postseason is the Pistons. They were busy in the offseason but none of the moves have paid off just yet. The Pistons signed players like Jeremi Grant and Mason Plumlee to the roster.

The Pistons also have some veterans on the team that could be sent away such as Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose. The current state of Detroit’s franchise is not a good one and the team knows that they should be sellers at the NBA trade deadline.

If this is true, Phoenix could be interested in some of their top players. Let’s take a look at a potential deal between these two sides.

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