Some Nets players aren’t in favor of trading for James Harden

The Brooklyn Nets have been linked to James Harden as a potential trade suitor. With Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving already on the roster, some believe it would be overkill in the star power department to add the Houston Rockets’ franchise-cornerstone.

According to SNY’s Ian Begley, people around Harden have contacted some Nets players to discuss the idea of the superstar playing in Brooklyn. Not all of those players were supportive.

One possible destination Harden could land is in Brooklyn with the Nets, but according to SNY sources, the support for such a trade wasn’t universal. People around Harden contacted some Nets players to discuss the possibility of the perennial All-Star joining the team, per SNY sources. Some were supportive, but not all players contacted about a potential Harden-to-Brooklyn deal were in favor of it, sources said.

It’s understandable that some Nets players would have concerns with the Nets executing a trade with the Rockets for Harden. If it isn’t Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving that oppose then it shouldn’t really matter though. Mostly since there’s a solid chance that player would be included in a deal.

Not every super team works because the main issue is there’s only one basketball. The Nets face fascinating circumstances because Durant and Irving have each succeeded by playing alongside other superstars en route to a successful NBA Finals run.

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There would need to be changes from Harden in his play style. Running an extreme volume of high pick-and-rolls and isolations wouldn’t be the best course of action. It would provide him an opportunity to play more without the basketball in his hands and receive easier shots.

One of the main limitations with Harden’s fit with Russell Westbrook was a lack of jump shooting ability from Westbrook. Teams are able to play way off Westbrook and go under ball screens against him while that’s not even close to being a viable option against Durant or Irving.

With both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving coming off injuries, having a durable superstar like James Harden would help achieve sustained success throughout the course of an NBA season. Also, there would be no team with enough on-ball defenders to slow the Brooklyn Nets down.

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