4 teams who should consider trading up for LaMelo Ball in 2020 NBA Draft

LaMelo Ball, Raptors, NBA Draft, Anthony Edwards, Golden State Warriors, James Wiseman
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RJ Barrett, New York Knicks, NBA Draft
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3. New York Knicks

The New York Knicks are a team that is always rumored to do something big any given NBA offseason. Nothing ever comes out of it and they continue to be the worst franchise in basketball. It is time for the front office to finally make a splash.

It has been rumored that New York is willing to trade the No. 8 pick if LaMelo Ball or James Wiseman do not fall to their pick. Well, neither one is going to fall so if the Knicks want Ball, they will have to trade up. This is a team that needs something to be excited about.

Kevin Knox and Frank Ntilikina continue to look like busts. Mitchell Robinson is a nice player at center and R.J. Barrett has potential, but there is nothing that makes fans believe in the future.

Ball would go a long way in bringing eyes back on the Knicks. He is used to the spotlight, considering his family has been known since Lonzo Ball was at UCLA, so New York would not be an issue. This seems like a good fit but it all comes down to if the Knicks actually pull the trigger.

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