3 things to watch for the Spurs as they take on the Pacers

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

3. Is Victor Oladipo A Legitimate Threat Once Again?

San Antonio should be coming into this game needing to take Victor Oladipo seriously. Yes, he has struggled a bit since returning from a full year away from the court due to a ruptured quad. However, he has been looking better over the last couple of games.

Oladipo scored 19 points against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Pacers’ last game. He has been looking much more comfortable and confident of late.

The Spurs cannot afford to take Oladipo lightly. It will be interesting to see if he looks like a threat again. Indiana can only hope that Oladipo is getting back to his old self, which could power a playoff run if he does.

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