Indiana Pacers: 3 Improvements Victor Oladipo Must Make in 2018-19

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Improve His Passing Under Pressure

During the Pacers’ playoff series against the Cavaliers, it became clear that Victor Oladipo struggled to make the right passes under pressure. After a huge Game 1 performance, Cleveland began to double-team Oladipo and force him to make plays under duress.

Oladipo was not awful throughout the series, but the Cavaliers were able to force him to average 3.4 turnovers per game in the seven games.

Indiana is going to need Oladipo to improve in this area especially due to the added attention that will be on him next season. Oladipo struggled with pressure in the playoffs and teams are going to focus on putting pressure on him next year as well. He has to prove that his success was not a one-year thing simply because teams didn’t know how to defend him.

If Oladipo can improve in this area, he will force defenses to back off of him, which will lighten his workload considerable on the offensive side of the court.

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