76ers’ Tyrese Maxey Will Be Leader To Rely On For Years

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The 2024 NBA Playoffs have not gone according to plan for the Philadelphia 76ers. Despite holding a double-digit lead in all four of their games against the New York Knicks, they find themselves down 3-1 heading into Game 5 on Tuesday night.

A lot of things have played into the 76ers being in the position which they are. Their star, Joel Embiid, not being able to give them anything in the fourth quarter of games has certainly not helped.

Embiid’s performance down the stretch has been downright abysmal. In four fourth quarters, he has shot 3-of-18 from the field with only two rebounds. That just isn’t going to get it done against an opponent with a closer as talented as Jalen Brunson.

NBA NEWS & RUMORS: Tyrese Maxey & Philadelphia 76ers Updates

Earlier in the series, a lot of the focus for the 76ers’ shortcomings was officiating. Embiid and head coach Nick Nurse bemoaned how the games were being called and to an extent, they had a legitimate gripe.

The NBA two-minute report for Game 2 was full of calls that were missed or incorrectly whistled by the referees going against Philadelphia. In Game 3, they received a favorable whistle and some leniency from the referees as Embiid attempted 21 free throws and committed several fouls that bordered on Flagrant, only being assessed one. New York had only 19 free throws as a team.

Despite the quotes that have been shared in the media, there has been one player who has stayed above that; Tyrese Maxey. The first-time NBA All-Star carried himself like a 10-year veteran in post-game pressers, which was a fresh of breath air.

Following Game 2, even when the two-minute report came out, Maxey took accountability and placed the onus on himself for how the game ended. Had he not turned the ball over, the 76ers would have been in a great position and he was also transparent in saying they had other opportunities to win the game.

NBA NEWS & RUMORS: Tyrese Maxey & Philadelphia 76ers Updates

After Game 4, the same professionalism and poise were shared by their floor general. A major topic of discussion was Wells Fargo Center being overrun by Knicks fans in Games 3 and 4. Maxey didn’t take a shot at fans, instead praising the people who came to the game and cheered them on.

“It was the same crowd as last time, our crowd did a great job though. We appreciate them,” Maxey said after the game, via Knicks Videos on X.

That kind of leadership and poise is something that will endear Maxey to 76ers fans and NBA fans in general. Not one to make excuses, he is setting a great example for the rest of his teammates to follow when it comes to leadership and holding oneself accountable.

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