Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard Injury News Before Game 1 Against Mavs

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Los Angeles Clippers head coach Tyronn Lue conveyed a cautiously optimistic outlook regarding Kawhi Leonard’s participation in the upcoming first-round NBA playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks.

Despite Leonard not engaging in any full-contact practices recently, Lue is planning as if Leonard will be available to play.

On Wednesday, when questioned about the specifics of his game plan and whether it included scenarios without Leonard, Lue provided an encouraging update.

“I’m preparing for him, to have him on the court,” Lue stated, signaling a positive shift in Leonard’s potential availability.

NBA NEWS & PLAYOFFS: Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers, Dallas Mavericks Updates

However, Lue remained guarded about Leonard’s definite presence in Sunday’s Game 1. “We don’t know yet,” he admitted, reflecting the ongoing uncertainty. Leonard’s final games of the regular season were missed due to knee inflammation, and his condition continues to be monitored daily by the medical team.

The team’s approach is one of caution, with Lue emphasizing the priority of Leonard’s health over immediate game readiness. “He’s progressing. He’s getting better. We don’t have a timetable,” Lue commented on Leonard’s recovery, indicating that any decision regarding Leonard’s playtime would be determined by his day-to-day improvements and medical evaluations.

Meanwhile, Clippers point guard James Harden is gearing up for the playoffs, fully recovered from a recent foot inflammation.

Harden, reflecting on previous playoff performances, expressed a strong desire to excel and lead the team effectively in the postseason.

“I mean I always want to play well in the playoffs,” Harden explained, highlighting his readiness to contribute significantly to the Clippers’ playoff ambitions.

NBA NEWS & PLAYOFFS: Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers, Dallas Mavericks Updates

As Game 1 approaches, the Clippers are hopeful for Leonard’s return, while also relying on Harden’s proven ability to perform under playoff pressure.

The Clippers continue to prepare for all scenarios as they aim for a strong start in their playoff campaign against the Mavericks, with the first two games being played in Los Angeles.

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