Knicks’ Jalen Brunson Reveals His Top PGs of All-Time

Jalen Brunson, Knicks, NBA
Feb 22, 2024; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; New York Knicks guard Jalen Brunson (11) dribbles up court against the Philadelphia 76ers during the third quarter at Wells Fargo Center. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most popular debates amongst NBA fans is ranking players. Whether it is debating who the best player is of all time, of a specific era or position, almost everyone has a different opinion on how the rankings should shake out.

Even players in the NBA have different opinions about who the best player is at certain positions. Whether it is a personal preference from modeling their game after someone or a player they grew up watching, the pros have as differing opinions as regular fans.

It is always interesting getting inside the head of an NBA player and seeing what they think when it comes to the best players of all time. Judging peers is never an easy thing, but they offer some unique takes.

Recently, New York Knicks All-Star point guard Jalen Brunson made an appearance on All The Smoke Podcast. Several topics were discussed during his appearance, and among them was who Brunson believes are the top point guards in NBA history.

NBA NEWS & RUMORS: Jalen Brunson, Jason Kidd, Magic Johnson, Steve Nash, Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, New York Knicks Updates

In Brunson’s opinion, the five best point guards are Magic Johnson, Stephen Curry, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd and Chris Paul. He didn’t list the players in order from 1-5, sharing just the top five players at the position in his opinion.

That is certainly a strong list, as nearly everyone would have Johnson and Curry among their top five. After that, several strong options exist. In addition to the other three players Brunson named, many people will bring up Oscar Robertson, John Stockton and Russell Westbrook as well.

There is no right or wrong answer, it is just a fun exercise to see what opinions different people have. Brunson’s list likely differs from that of Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, the two former NBA players who host the podcast that he appeared on.

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