Lakers Trade Proposal Lands Zach LaVine From Bulls

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In the NBA, speculation runs rampant. We’re always looking at who could get moved where, and when. Sometimes, all of that speculation amounts to nothing. 

Take Zach LaVine of the Chicago Bulls. We speculated on where he might land all year. As the deadline approached, it started to look like there wasn’t a market for LaVine. When he got injured, we knew the Bulls wouldn’t move him in 2023-24. 

Meanwhile, there was plenty of speculation about the Los Angeles Lakers this year as well. They were expected to upgrade their backcourt. Instead, they held steady. Could they acquire LaVine this summer? 

NBA Trade Proposal 

Chicago Bulls Receive: G D’Angelo Russell, F Rui Hachimura, G/F Gabe Vincent, 2029 First-Round Pick (Lottery Protected – LAL) 

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: G/F Zach LaVine 

A lot of speculation didn’t lead anywhere this year. It was one of the quietest deadlines we’ve seen in recent years. Several factors kept significant movement from happening. 

For starters, it was a buyer’s market. So, teams didn’t want to sell. Nobody wanted to make a bad deal, so plenty of teams decided that it was better not to make any deal at all. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers Updates

That’s not the sole explanation for why LaVine didn’t get moved. Outside of his injury, his market seemed non-existent. Teams may be trending away from score-only guards like LaVine. Should the Lakers take an interest in him? 

Why The Los Angeles Lakers Do The Deal 

LaVine is a one-dimensional scorer. On some teams, that will matter more than it does on others. A team with an elite playmaker may see the value in adding LaVine’s scoring punch. 

LeBron James is one of the best playmakers in NBA history. He should thrive alongside a scorer like LaVine. The Lakers are in as strong of a position to take a flyer on LaVine as any team in the league. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers Updates

Best of all, he ought to be affordable. The Lakers are aging, and already light on assets. Landing a player of LaVine’s caliber while only parting with a protected first should appeal to this organization. Should the Bulls move LaVine at that price? 

Why The Chicago Bulls Do The Deal 

This is an unfortunate situation for the Bulls. LaVine is supposed to be their best player, and he doesn’t have any trade value. Meanwhile, they seem perpetually stuck in the league’s lower middle class. 

Perhaps they should cut ties with LaVine at any price. If nothing else, they’re moving off of his contract. In return, the Bulls are receiving several smaller contracts that ought to be easier to move. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers Updates

They’re also receiving a protected first. The Bulls may also be interested in a young-ish wing like Hachimura. Finally, they might just be satisfied to end the speculation around LaVine. 

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