Grizzlies Offseason Trade Proposal Lands $160M Wing From Blazers

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It can take some time for an NBA team to rebuild. How long should it take? Is there a point where a team should decide not to rebuild any longer? 

That wasn’t something that the Memphis Grizzlies had to worry about. This rebuild happened quickly. The grit-and-grind Grizzlies became Ja Morant’s team almost overnight. Memphis has been plagued by injury during 2023-24, but at full strength, they’re title contenders. 

On the other hand, the Portland Trail Blazers are at the beginning of their rebuild. There are no guarantees they’ll wrap it up as quickly as the Grizzlies did. Could they take a step backward by sending Jerami Grant to the Grizzlies? 

NBA Trade Proposal 

Portland Trail Blazers receive: G/F Luke Kennard, F/C Brandon Clarke, 2025 First-Round Pick (Lottery Protected – MEM) 

Memphis Grizzlies Receive: F Jerami Grant 

How did the Grizzlies do it? Realistically, they owe their rapid success to luck. The Grizzlies didn’t have to spend much time in the lottery to put this roster together. 

Their first lottery pick was Jaren Jackson Jr. That was a blessing. Jackson Jr. is the type of player who’s going to compliment anybody. Still, Memphis needed their primary offensive option. They got him when they landed Ja Morant. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jerami Grant, Portland Trail Blazers, Memphis Grizzlies Updates

With that said, don’t sell this front office short. Too many teams passed on Desmond Bane. The Grizzlies have done a good job of surrounding their core with impactful role players. Should they add Grant to the mix? 

Why The Memphis Grizzlies Do The Deal 

If the Grizzlies have reservations here, they’ll have to do with Grant’s contract. To be sure, this young core is about to get expensive. Can the Grizzlies afford Grant? 

We think so. He could be the missing piece for a title run. The Grizzlies need a wing that can guard multiple positions. Grant can do that and create shots on the side. Memphis will need to replace Clarke and Kennard, but they can likely find low-cost replacements in free agency. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jerami Grant, Portland Trail Blazers, Memphis Grizzlies Updates

If it doesn’t work? Grant will be easier to move as his contract ages. With the amount of talent that this team has, the Grizzlies can justify a potential rental. Should Portland set their rebuild back? 

Why The Portland Trail Blazers Do The Deal 

Ja Morant looked like a franchise player from the moment he joined the NBA. That hasn’t looked to be the case for Scoot Henderson. That’s not to say he can’t get there – he can. It’s just not going to happen overnight. 

The Blazers need to accept that reality and recognize their ideal timeline. This team won’t be competing for an NBA title any time soon. So, they should look to the future and flip their veterans for assets. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jerami Grant, Portland Trail Blazers, Memphis Grizzlies Updates

That’s what they’re doing here. Clarke is young enough to be part of their future, and given Robert Williams III’s durability, the Blazers may covet him. Kennard will be a shooting specialist on an expiring deal – the Blazers can move him at next year’s deadline. Throw in a lottery protected first, and this deal could motivate the Blazers to prolong their rebuild. 

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