Pacers Land Bulls’ Alex Caruso In NBA Trade Proposal

Alex Caruso, Chicago Bulls, NBA Trade Rumors
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Some unspoken rules govern the NBA. With that said, some rules are meant to be broken. For example, it’s generally understood that teams won’t make win-now moves until they’re ready.

A rebuilding team should let their young players carry them to wins – once that happens, they’ll spend assets on improving the team. 

The Indiana Pacers threw the rulebook out the window recently. Some would argue that trading for Pascal Siakam was premature. The Pacers didn’t care – they felt as if they were ready to win. 

Why stop there? The Pacers have some assets left. They could swing another major trade if they wanted. In that event, they should make another move to improve their defense.

Could they land Alex Caruso of the Chicago Bulls? 

NBA Trade Proposal 

Chicago Bulls Receive: F Obi Toppin, G/F Ben Sheppard, 2028 First-Round Pick (IND), 2030 First-Round Pick (IND) 

Indiana Pacers Receive: G/F Alex Caruso 

Who makes these rules, anyway? Well, nobody. That’s what makes them unspoken rules. They’re based in common sense. They also don’t apply to every situation. 

For example, it’s easier for a large market team to blatantly tank. It’s more likely that they’ll be able to afford the short-term financial hit. That’s why we’ve seen teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets define the practice in recent years. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Alex Caruso, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers Updates

On the other hand, the small-market Pacers typically prefer to stay competitive. We’ve seldom seen this organization tank. The Pacers would typically prefer to acquire quality players.

Is Caruso the right acquisition? 

Why The Indiana Pacers Do The Deal 

Following this deal, the Pacers will have minimal draft capital to spend. With that said, they will still have young players like Jarace Walker and Benedict Mathurin on their roster. They’ll either fit into the new program, or the Pacers will move them to add another win-now veteran. 

Either way, building through the draft doesn’t seem to be the path forward for this team. If it was, they’d have passed on Siakam. The Pacers have already pushed a lot of chips in – why not go all the way? 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Alex Caruso, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers Updates

If they share that line of thinking, Caruso would be a perfect acquisition. The Pacers have he’d the best offense and worst defense in the NBA this year.

Caruso is perhaps the best defensive guard in the NBA. If the Pacers add him, they could be dark horse title contenders.

Should the Bulls part with him? 

Why The Chicago Bulls Do The Deal 

We’ve been talking about this for a long time. The Bulls are mediocre. They’re veteran-heavy and light on assets. This team needs to rebuild. Could they finally start that process at this year’s trade deadline? 

If so, moving Caruso will be essential. Zach LaVine’s trade market is said to be minimal. DeMar DeRozan and Nikola Vucevic won’t bring in a massive haul, either. If the Bulls want to make a move that brings in multiple first-round picks, they’ll have to part with Caruso. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Alex Caruso, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers Updates

That’s what they’re doing here. Outside of a pair of first-rounders, Toppin is a decent young player worth adding to their roster. All told, the Bulls need to rebuild, given their current situation – and they shouldn’t break that unspoken rule. 

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