Knicks Land Lakers’ LeBron James In Bold Trade Proposal

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The NBA is a big business. It’s driven by big stars. As a result, playing in a big market will always be an advantage. 

Just look at the Los Angeles Lakers. This team has been in the title picture far more often than not during its long, illustrious history. The Lakers have been the most successful team in NBA history. Surely, their location has had something to do with that. 

Unfortunately, it’s not doing them any favours in 2023-24. The Lakers are floundering. Now, there have even been rumors that they could consider moving LeBron James.

Could they send him to another huge market by trading him to the New York Knicks? 

NBA Trade Proposal 

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: G/F Evan Fournier, C Mitchell Robinson, G/F Josh Hart, G/F Quentin Grimes, 2025 First-Round Pick (NYK), 2027 First-Round Pick (NYK), 2028 First-Round Pick (Swap – NYK) 

New York Knicks Receive: F LeBron James 

On the other hand, nobody should put too much stock in trade rumors. We hear them all the time. Sometimes, they’re based on truth, but other times, they’re entirely fabricated. 

The idea that the Lakers would move James feels far-fetched. He’s never been traded. In all likelihood, the Lakers would exhaust their options before making this decision. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks Updates

On the other hand…the Lakers have been wildly disappointing. It’s hard to imagine how they’ll make meaningful gains. This franchise is light on future draft capital and young players.

Could they really trade James? 

Why The Los Angeles Lakers Do The Deal 

Entertain us. Understand that James will probably remain a Laker, but don’t dismiss the possibility. Could this really happen? 

James is nearing retirement. Sure, he may play another five years. James has been defying the expected aging curve in the NBA for years. Who knows when he’ll stop? With that said, he will eventually stop. LeBron James will eventually decline, and he’ll eventually retire. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks Updates

So, selling on him now does make some sense. The Lakers are receiving an expiring contract, three quality players under 30, a pair of first-round picks and a swap in this deal. If it’s on the table, they’d have to consider it.

Should the Knicks put this deal on the table? 

Why The New York Knicks Do The Deal 

The Lakers have had a disappointing season. By contrast, the Knicks have been successful in 2023-24. This team could be a star playmaker away from serious title contention. 

James is one of the best playmakers in NBA history. Ask yourself this: does a core featuring James, Jalen Brunson, Julius Randle, and O.G. Anunoby compete for an NBA title? We think it does. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks Updates

Sure, the front court is crowded. That’s fine. The Knicks can have James run point and shift Brunson to the 2. They could go big by putting Anunoby at the 2. The Knicks could even use Randle as the best sixth man in the NBA. Either way, they could make a title run by adding James – that’s how big of a star he is. 

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