Rockets Land Pacers’ Buddy Hield In Bold Trade Proposal

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Shooting is the most fundamental basketball skill. If you’re familiar with the NBA, you know this. If you’re nothing more than an elite shooter, you’ll find a place in the league. Meanwhile, a player’s skill set will be enhanced by the ability to shoot. 

For example, a primary playmaker will be more effective if they’re a knockdown shooter. Defenses must cover them differently, allowing a player to manipulate that defense more efficiently. Still, a non-shooting playmaker can still thrive in this league – he just needs to be surrounded by shooters. 

Take Alperen Sengun of the Houston Rockets. He’s not much of a shooter, but he’s emerging as a potential primary playmaker. With that said, the Rockets could stand to surround him with an elite shooter or two.

How about Buddy Hield of the Indiana Pacers? 

NBA Trade Proposal: Houston Rockets Land Indiana Pacers’ Buddy Hield

Indiana Pacers Receive: G/F Victor Oladipo, C Jock Landale, 2024 Second-Round Pick (OKC via HOU), 2024 Second-Round Pick (BKN via HOU), 2025 Second-Round Pick (HOU) 

Houston Rockets Receive: G/F Buddy Hield

With that said, Sengun should be working on his three-point shot. If he can start hitting jumpers consistently, he’ll be all the more dangerous. Just look at the Pacers’ Tyrese Haliburton. 

He’s an ingenious asset – just like Sengun. That said, Haliburton is also one of the best shooters in the league. It’s no coincidence that the Pacers have the best offense in the NBA, and Haliburton is that offense’s engine.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Buddy Hield, Indiana Pacers, Houston Rockets Updates 

That said, Sengun is already one of the best interior scorers in the league. He’s also a brilliant passer. Given the work that he still has to do on the defensive end of the floor, the Rockets may want to plan for the possibility that his shot never develops.

Does acquiring Hield help account for that possibility? 

Why The Houston Rockets Do The Deal 

Certainly. Hield doesn’t do much besides shoot. He’s not an especially impactful defender. Hield doesn’t have special floor vision. That’s fine – he’s one of the best shooters in the NBA. 

The Rockets need that type of player. This team spent big in free agency this summer, but they didn’t land a shooting specialist. The Rockets defend the three-point line extremely well, but they don’t generate enough points from that area of the floor. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Buddy Hield, Indiana Pacers, Houston Rockets Updates 

Meanwhile, Hield could be available at a discount. He’s on an expiring contract. Still, even if he doesn’t stay with the team this summer, it’s worth this cost for the Rockets to see how their offense looks with an elite shooter in it.

Should the Pacers part with their floor spacer? 

Why The Indiana Pacers Do The Deal 

Hield is said to be on the trade block. By now, that’s common knowledge. This isn’t especially surprising. After all, Hield is on an expiring contract. 

With that in mind, the Pacers won’t get an incredible haul for Hield. Teams won’t give up unprotected first-rounders for a potential flight risk. So, the Pacers should settle on a trio of second-rounders. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Buddy Hield, Indiana Pacers, Houston Rockets Updates 

Especially when they’re only getting expiring deals in return. Landale has a team option heading into next summer. Who knows? The Pacers may be happy to reunite with Oladipo and give him some run. Still, this is about getting value for Hield before he walks – even if it means losing a shooter. 

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