Lakers Land Wizards’ Jordan Poole In Bold Trade Proposal

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Some NBA players just need to find a home. Things haven’t worked out in their first couple of stops. That doesn’t mean that they couldn’t help the right team.

Usually, we’re talking about talented but flawed players. Perhaps a player is known for making questionable decisions.

If they’re a talented shot-maker, they could still be a difference maker – in the right situation, that is.Take Jordan Poole of the Washington Wizards.

Poole left the Golden State Warriors on bitter terms. His tenure with the Wizards hasn’t been entirely successful. Still, it feels like Poole is talented enough to help the right team.

Could that team be the Los Angeles Lakers?

NBA Trade Proposal: Los Angeles Lakers Land Washington Wizards’ Jordan Poole

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Washington Wizards Receive: G D’Angelo Russell, F Rui Hachimura

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: G Jordan Poole, G Delon Wright 

By contrast, some players are who they are. It doesn’t matter what environment you put them in. In all likelihood, you’re going to see the same result.

Is Hachimura one of those players? It feels possible. Wizards fans waited for him to break out for years. It didn’t happen. When he joined the Lakers, it looked like he might.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jordan Poole, Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Lakers Updates

Hachimura enjoyed a playoff run on this team, making us wonder if stardom was in his future. This year, he looks like the same player as before. Hachimura is useful, but he’s unlikely to reach star status.

Could the Wizards take him back?

Why The Washington Wizards Do The Deal

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The Wizards don’t do this deal to bring Hachimura back. Above all else, they do it to get off of Poole’s contract. Washington looks like they’ll be rebuilding for a while. Having Poole’s large deal on the books isn’t favoring them.

Here, they’re breaking it up into two more manageable deals. It should be easy to move Russell to a team in need of a point guard this summer. Hachimura should be easy enough to trade as well, although keeping him wouldn’t be a problem either.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jordan Poole, Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Lakers Updates

Some Wizards fans will want more for Poole. To be sure, he’s a player whose name recognition exceeds his trade value. Given his frequently poor decision-making, it’s unlikely that they’ll find a first-round pick for him.

Should the Lakers even want him?

Why The Los Angeles Lakers Do The Deal

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Poole is the archetype that’s typically succeeded alongside James. Russell is a better playmaker. He’s got a better feel for the game. With that said, he doesn’t hit tough shots like Poole can.

Who knows? James could reign Poole in. This deal should give the Lakers a more dynamic offense if he can. Taking on Poole is a risk, but he’s one of the most talented players Los Angeles could acquire without giving up a first-round pick.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jordan Poole, Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Lakers Updates

Meanwhile, Wright is everything that Poole isn’t. He doesn’t have the same shot-making chops, but he’s solid and reliable. Wright is also a plus defender. The Lakers should be happy to give him a home.

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